Satisfaction evaluation through QR Code

Receive the evaluation of the satisfaction of its customers, employees and other stakeholders through the availability of a simple QR Code,

which can be read by a simple smartphone.

Know the opinions of your customers

Know what your customers opinions are, through a solution that allows them to evaluate their activity, process, product or service.

With Instant Opinion you can get feedback in a simple and uncomplicated way.

Real-Time Satisfaction Monitoring

Knows at any moment the level of satisfaction, all in a simple and intuitive way.

We offer several response methodologies, including the Net Promoter Score®

Engage customers in your organization's growth

With the Instant Opinion platform you will be able to obtain feedback of your products and services, as well as transform that same information into actions that promote continuous customer satisfaction. These will feel that they are an important part, ensuring in this way the construction of a relationship with higher levels of loyalty and involvement.


Measure customer satisfaction

Track the performance

Free digital support

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